Special Products for multinationals

Enjoy our bespoke solutions of non-cancellable covers for either single situations or multi-buyers insurance.




















Our Special Products complete the Atradius Global offering for multinationals. It features solutions tailored to the needs of the individual situation. The majority of our solutions feature non-cancellable cover, tenors from one month to seven years, very large limits, and the ability to syndicate with other insurers on flexible wordings and structures.

Building our Special Products around your needs

With our specialist team, we look at both the detail of your needs and the bigger picture, working closely with you to develop a long-term, multifaceted solution. You may only seek cover against an unforeseeable catastrophic event, through a multi-buyer excess of loss solution; or you may require the commitment of non-cancellable cover for the full duration of a multi-year contract; or you may need additional protection against unfair calling of contractual bonds. Regardless of your contracts or the complexity of the risks, your Atradius Global account manager will co-ordinate with a specialist team to meet your requirements, whilst providing you with the simplicity of a single point of contact, committed to know your business and to understand your needs.

Credit Insurance for complex projects

Atradius Special Products provides a range of different trade insurance solutions on a non-cancellable basis including:

Cover for Multi-Buyer Excess of Loss

When you have strong credit management but still need to protect your entire turnover for an unforeseeable catastrophic event, we agree with you:

  • Significant self-retained excess layers
  • Discretionary credit limits


Single Situation Cover

When you have specifically large contracts or business relationships with key counterparts, you may need a specific safety net including some of the following cover:

  • Non-payment cover for identified large contracts with short term credit terms
  • Multi-buyer insurance limited to a handful of your largest obligors, which represent high risk concentrations
  • Contract Frustration cover for multi-years contractual commitments
  • Non-honouring of unconfirmed Letters of Credit
  • Pre-shipment cover
  • Protection for your contractual bonds against an unfair call by your customer or due to a political situation that unexpectedly develops outside of your control


Covers to support trade financers

  • Receivables purchase facilities
  • Buyer Credit
  • Leasing
  • Non-Honouring of Letters of Credit
  • Advance payment cover
  • Pre-export finance cover
  • Structured financing
  • Warehouse Finance
  • Reserve Base Lending
  • Borrowing Base Financing