Sudden default:
When the unthinkable happens





No company is too big to fail

What are sudden defaults and should my company be worried?

Sudden defaults are defaults that are improbable, unpredictable and unimaginable.

They are characterised by their size, value and speed of default and the circumstances for the default. Often, the triggers for these sudden defaults are a combination of events. A metaphor for a sudden default is the "black swan".

Even the most experienced credit manager can be caught off guard, having not foreseen it coming. Yet It is how we respond and interact in such cases, that can make the difference to your business when faced with this situation.

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Our approach to protecting your business

Over the last couple of years we have seen an increase in unexpected high profile insolvencies across the world that, due to their size, speed and circumstances, have surprised many. When the circumstances of an extraordinary case requires additional expertise, special attention and tailor made solutions, Atradius is the right partner.

Our Special Risk Management (SRM) unit is a team of international experts in underwriting, legal affairs, claims and recoveries, that come into action to support and help you recover outstanding debts as soon as one of your customers gets in a situation that begins to deteriorate - or worse.

It is how we respond and interact in such cases that makes the difference to your business.


The benefits to you

  • We protect you, the supplier, from (further) non-payments
  • We help restructure the debt of your customer, the buyer, in a way that, if possible, trade can continue or, if not possible, by supporting you with the most optimal exit-strategy
  • We save time and achieve cost efficiencies for you in the proceedings and negotiations
  • You can benefit from our cultural, lingual and legal know-how in more than 50 countries
  • Alignment of our services with your business strategy regarding your customers
  • We support you in creating a strong(er) creditor position
  • We maximise your recoveries

Case Study

Dick Smith Holdings Limited (formerly DSE) was, until 2016, an Australia-wide chain of retail stores selling consumer electronics goods and components. The company was founded in Sydney by Dick Smith and his wife and expanded into several close-by countries. The company closed in 2016, within several years of its acquisition by Anchorage Capital Partners.

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