Credit Insurance for multinationals

Protect your accounts receivable with a centralised credit insurance programme, with the flexibility of localised currencies, languages and terms.











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Atradius Credit Insurance will enable you to reduce your bad debt provision while giving you the confidence to seek out new markets and customers. It can provide you with increased access to finance and a robust balance sheet protected from the weaknesses of your customers.

As an Atradius Global Credit Insurance policyholder you will enjoy unrivalled access to our experts, including our senior risk underwriters, who will enable you to exploit competitive advantage in your markets through the identification of opportunities and reduction of risk.

Robust, centralised, risk mitigation

Multinational businesses, like any other business, seek to minimise risk while promoting trade. However, multinationals are unique in that they have: 

  • a large number of complex accounts, often straddling continents with multiple customers and suppliers
  • books that need to be balanced across currencies
  • trade managed in geographies with different degrees of risk

We promise to provide you with robust, centralised, risk mitigation.

We will issue you with a centralised credit insurance programme with the flexibility to allow for:

  • various geographies
  • languages
  • currencies

This approach enables streamlined reporting and maximised efficiency.

Through a single portal you can manage your daily policy activities, and also analyse the health and risk of your customer portfolio.

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Enabling business development worldwide

Our risk underwriters will work with you to help you identify levels of risk for both current and potential customers, enabling you to make researched strategic decisions on business development and trade:

  • supplementing your own due diligence and decisions on whether to enter a new market, creating efficiencies by removing the need to employ additional researchers for your credit decisions and freeing cash flow previously needed for a financial reserve for losses.
  • helping you insure up to as much as 95% of your trade and lowering the risk of your business development plans.

We have dedicated teams of underwriters set up to provide you with a tailor-made service truly reflecting the needs of your business.  There are 3 main teams that all fulfil a specific role and work together to ensure the best possible cover for you. This includes a Key Account Underwriter who will, together with your Account Manager, oversee all of your cover needs.  

  • Buyer Underwriters
  • Key Account Underwriters
  • Special Risk Management

How Atradius Credit Insurance for multinationals works

Your Atradius Global Account Manager will work closely with you to understand your strategic objectives and to set up your Credit Insurance account. This will include:

  • applying for credit limits for individual customers and keeping these under regular review.
  • automatic access to Atradius Collections should your customer fail to pay. Our team of professional debt collection specialists are located throughout the world and have an impressive track record on collecting outstanding invoices.
  • cover for the majority of what you are owed if bankruptcy, or political crisis, means we are unable to collect the debt.

We pride ourselves on acting promptly on receipt of appropriate paperwork in order to minimise disruption to your cash flow and your business.