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Integrate our real-time data into your own system and workflows to protect and grow your business. Our APIs will help you create your own powerful credit management environment supporting safe and fast decision-making.

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Dynamic experience

Real-time data exchange

Send applications for cover without leaving your own system, receive decisions and get buyer information directly in your own environment


Fast and accurate

Speed up your credit management processes, reduce the workload managing your policies and be guaranteed there are no manual mistakes.


Dynamic and flexible

Optimise your credit risk management tools and have a holistic overview of your insured portfolio by integrating our data into your system.


High data volume

Sending large volumes of data and receiving information back in real-time directly from and to your system has never been easier.

Save time and money

Immediate access to the data you need

Switching between internal and external systems in order to exchange data and keep your buyer portfolio up to date, can consume a lot of your time. With our APIs, you can link to our systems and streamline your processes. By using our data you can enhance your digital experience and reduce manual activities. As a result, you can focus on what is really important: doing business.

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What Atradius APIs are available?

Buyer API

  • Search for your buyers and get buyer specific details such as the address and the trade sector
  • Search for new buyers
  • Retrieve the latest buyer rating information for your insured portfolio


Cover API

  • Apply for new cover
  • Retrieve details on cover decisions and referred applications
  • Amend your existing cover decisions


Policy API

  • Get the list of your policies and filter your portfolio by policy ID, policy status or cover type


Non-Payments API

  • Submit a new non-payment case
  • Retrieve your open cases
  • Add information to an existing case


You can find more information on our API Store page.


What is the difference between Atradius Atrium and Atradius APIs?

Atradius APIs allow data to be transmitted directly between your own system and Atradius. Transactions go directly from one system, to another. This enables you to work entirely in your own environment.


Atradius Atrium is our operational online platform where you can manage your daily policy activities.


To find out more about Atradius Atrium, please visit our dedicated Atradius Atrium page on the Atradius website.

Can I use both Atradius Atrium and Atradius APIs?

Yes, you can. When using Atradius APIs, all the information (e.g credit limit decisions) will be directly integrated into your workflows even if the credit limit application was originally recorded through Atradius Atrium.

How can I use the APIs for credit limits?

For example, you have all your buyer and trade information in your ledger. When you decide that you need a credit limit for your trade with that buyer, you can trigger that action directly from your ledger.


Once the decision on your credit limit application is made from our end, you can see it directly in your ledger. You don't need to log in to Atradius Atrium to view your decisions.    

How can I use the APIs for buyer information?

For example, when you are using reporting tools with your own buyer information, the Atradius buyer information can also be integrated. That results in one single report without any additional manual effort. In this way, monitoring and updating your buyer portfolio becomes errorless and effortless.


For example, if there is a change in the buyer rating, you can receive the new buyer rating directly in your system.

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