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Global economy on track for a soft landing

Press release

4th July 2024

The Atradius Chief Economist, John Lorié, assesses the economic landscape during this challenging time for the global economy.

Central banks go it alone on interest rate easing

Atradius news

27th June 2024

June has been an important month for the future of global trade, as US and European monetary policy started a slow but potentially significant divergence.

German industry fights to stay on top

Atradius news

11th June 2024

As the UEFA Euro 24 football tournament looms, host nation Germany is desperate to return to winning ways on and off the pitch.

CEE companies anticipate a rise in insolvencies

Press release

4th June 2024

Central and Eastern European (CEE) companies anticipate a rise in insolvencies in the upcoming months. This concern reflects a broader trend across Europe.

Gas crisis continues to weigh on industries in Europe

Atradius news

23rd May 2024

For sectors like chemicals, metals and steel and pulp and paper, the reverberations of the 2022 gas crisis are still being felt today

Western European firms face working capital challenges

Press release

22nd May 2024

Longer Days-Sales-Outstanding (DSO) and an increase in bad debts raise concern among Western European businesses about their capacity to maintain sufficient working capital.

Volatile oil prices cast a shadow over the economy

Atradius news

8th May 2024

Companies, consumers and incumbent politicians are all worried by the return of rising oil prices

Winners and losers in a new era for interest rates

Atradius news

26th March 2024

As inflation enters a new era of volatility - and rates remain high - some sectors are proving resilient.

Atradius reports EUR 372.2 million result for 2023

Press release

20th March 2024

Atradius reports EUR 372.2 million result for 2023. Total revenue grows 2.4% to EUR 2.4 billion

Jobs and geopolitics threaten inflation progress

Atradius news

15th February 2024

Inflation is falling fast, so why are central bankers stalling on interest rate cuts?

Inflation, jobs, isolationism dominate US election

Atradius news

7th February 2024

US November election introduces new layers of uncertainty to both the national and global economic outlooks.

Red Sea crisis: a new threat to global trade

Atradius news

1st February 2024

Attacks on shipping navigating the vital trade route have set economic alarm bells ringing.

Atradius Bonding is now Atradius Surety

Press release

18th January 2024

The Bonding division of Atradius is renamed to Atradius Surety.

5 top tips for getting paid before the holidays

Atradius news

6th December 2023

Christmas is coming, which means it won’t be long before accounts payable teams start winding down for the holidays. If you want to get paid this side of January, you need to act now.

Can Black Friday alone relieve ailing retail sector?

Atradius news

22nd November 2023

Hard-pressed retailers in Europe and the US need to find the right balance between sales and profits this holiday season, or face deteriorating credit risk.

Do rising oil prices risk disruptions to global trade?

Atradius news

8th November 2023

Ongoing Middle East tensions heighten concerns about oil price volatility affecting global trade and various sectors.

Is the WTO right to slash forecasts for global trade?

Atradius news

1st November 2023

In light of prolonged monetary tightening in the US and Europe and China's economic downturn, the WTO has halved its prediction for trade growth in 2023. We agree with the trend but diverge on details

Asia boosts credit management amid growth optimism

Press release

25th October 2023

70% of Asian companies polled anticipate a demand surge in the coming months, while showing a strong commitment to address payment challenges arising from business-to-business (B2B) trade.

Role credit manager in implementation ESG policy

Atradius news

16th October 2023

16 October 2023 - Head of ESG Atradius Carine Cavallier and Head of Commercial Atradius NL Rik Broekman talk about how to implement ESG and the role of the credit manager

Credit insurer Atradius opens office in Slovenia

Press release

10th October 2023

Atradius continues to expand its presence in Eastern and Central Europe: The international credit insurer celebrates the opening of its new office in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

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