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USMCA companies on alert due to late payments surge

Press release

18th September 2023

USMCA companies face a notable uptick in late payments, with an average 13% increase from the previous year, particularly impacting Canada.

The potential path towards a Ukraine 2.0

Atradius news

14th September 2023

Professor Marek Belka MEP on the future of EU-Ukraine relations

Asia driving global growth but other regions struggle

Atradius news

30th August 2023

GDP growth in emerging economies looks reasonable in the circumstances, but overall figures mask huge regional disparities

Signs of hope for the global economy?

Atradius news

23rd August 2023

We’ve upgraded our forecasts for GDP growth this year, though economic activity remains subdued through 2024

EU free trade negotiations with Australia and Mercosur

Atradius news

9th August 2023

For the EU, both deals would ease geo-economic challenges, diversify supply chains and help to meet its ambitious sustainability targets.

Is India the new China?

Atradius news

2nd August 2023

It’s a question often asked in recent times, but what is the real truth? Does India offer similar opportunities? What are the obstacles you should be aware of? We asked our experts on the ground.

Eurozone firms adapt to tightening finance conditions

Atradius news

10th July 2023

The latest ECB research finds that many firms are likely to face reduced access to finance in the coming months, with no easing of interest rates in sight

Southern Europe's extreme weather hits agrifood sector

Atradius news

5th July 2023

After droughts across Southern Europe and floods in Northern Italy, only state support has stopped insolvencies in agriculture and food sectors. Investment in climate resilience is urgently required

Eastern Europe businesses worry about profitability

Press release

21st June 2023

A potential threat to profitability during the year ahead is the major concern for businesses polled across Eastern Europe. This is despite an expected rise in B2B sales.

Is 'Greedflation' real?

Atradius news

8th June 2023

Prices remain stubbornly high in many economies, but are inflated profit margins to blame?

Euro 7 threatens to push auto suppliers over the edge

Atradius news

25th May 2023

New EU Commission emission proposal comes at a time when tier 2 and 3 suppliers already face tough financial challenges.

Companies defer investment to conserve operational cash

Press release

24th May 2023

46% of Western Europe companies polled by Atradius said they deferred investment amid struggle for cash flow. This is due to soaring risk of payment default from B2B customers.

Economic woes cast shadow over Turkey's coming election

Atradius news

10th May 2023

The upcoming general election in Turkey could prove a turning point for the country's economy, whoever wins the public vote

The Windsor Framework - a path to easier trade?

Atradius news

18th April 2023

The recently signed Windsor Framework is important for relations with the EU but will do little for the UK economy as trade with Europe declines

Is Silicon Valley Bank a tipping point?

Atradius news

17th March 2023

Ripple effects for the US economy expected to remain limited

Atradius 2022 Annual Results

Press release

9th March 2023

Atradius reports EUR 332.2 million result for 2022. Total revenue grows 16.2% to EUR 2.4 billion.

Finance costs: a balancing act for business

Atradius news

8th March 2023

In the second of two articles, we discuss the impact of inflation and interest rate rises on different sectors

Does the energy crisis have a silver lining?

Atradius news

2nd March 2023

Soaring energy prices have put energy security front and centre of government agendas – resulting in large policy initiatives aimed at accelerating the clean energy transition.

Businesses brace as borrowing costs soar

Atradius news

21st February 2023

Soaring inflation is affecting firms' ability to secure affordable finance. In the first of two articles, we look at the causes and impact of this perfect economic storm.

Ukraine war - a year of disruption to growth

Atradius news

15th February 2023

As we approach the first anniversary of the full-scale invasion, the economic impacts of the war are becoming clear

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