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From crisis to opportunity what's the future of trade?

As the Covid-19 crisis sent the world into recession, a decade’s worth of unexpected – and at times unprecedented – changes to the trade landscape occurred within months. Amongst these are the long-term impact of the pandemic on the world’s supply chains, the continuous renegotiation of trade tariffs, the rebalancing of world trade relationships, and the growing trends towards trade digitalisation and de-globalisation.

And now, as the world strives to turn the page on the crisis, where do opportunities for business growth lie?

Join us at our series of four virtual interactive events designed to help your business understand the new international trade environment, navigate trade credit risks and identify business growth opportunities. Do not miss the chance to hear from our speakers, and the additional insight they will provide when answering questions from our audience.

Event #2
How trade relationships and tariffs are affecting trade worldwide

Tariffs imposed between major markets have impacted billions of dollars of trade in recent years. Much of this was driven by Trump’s ‘America-first agenda’ and responses to these tariffs by China, the EU and others. However, with President Biden now in the White House, Brexit complete and the world grappling with the impact of a global pandemic, will protectionist policies be eased? Do trade relationships in Asia Pacific and the Middle East offer opportunities for growth? 

In this event, the second in our series Crisis to Opportunity What is the Future of Trade?, we will ask our panel for their perspectives on how these issues will impact businesses. We will seek their business-focused view, as well as the ‘insider knowledge’ of John Hulsman, into the risks and opportunities presented by different trade relationships and tariffs. We will ask the speakers to predict what the future could look like and explore what opportunities businesses can look for as these relationships evolve.

Daisy McAndrew (former Economics Editor and Chief Political Correspondent for ITV News) will moderate a panel discussion on this subject as part of our Virtual Event Series. This event features:

  • Dr John Hulsman - President and Managing Partner of John C. Hulsman Enterprises, a prominent global political risk consulting firm
  • Lesley Batchelor - OBE is a champion of UK exporters and currently COO & Commercial Director at Open Borders Direct
  • Gordon Cessford - Regional Director for Atradius in North America, covering the US, Canada and Mexico

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Meet our panel members

Atradius Chief Market Officer, Andreas Tesch, is the host of our virtual event series. With a wealth of experience in risk and the issues facing international trade Andreas is well placed to share his insights into the key areas discussed.

Daisy McAndrew

Daisy McAndrew
Event moderator, Daisy McAndrew, is an English journalist and former Economic Editor and Chief Political Correspondent for ITV News. Now a freelance presenter, Daisy’s knowledge of world finance and economics makes her an excellent interviewer, skilled at promoting stimulating debates.

John Hulsman

John Hulsman
Dr John Hulsman is a leading expert on geo-political risk. He runs a global consulting firm and works with companies and governments around the world to test likely policy outcomes for real-world conditions.  He is a Life Member of the US Council on Foreign Relations and is a regular columnist for Arab News in Riyadh, Aspenia Online in Rome, The Hill in Washington, ORF in New Delhi and City AM in London.


Gordon Cessford

Lesley Batchelor
Lesley Batchelor OBE is a champion of UK exporters, with a powerful track record in enhancing the international performance of hundreds of businesses. She worked as director general of the Institute of Export (IOE) for 12 years and has an excellent knowledge of World Trade and how it interacts with shipping, insurance, finance and regulatory compliance. Lesley currently runs Export Boot Camps providing training for businesses looking to improve their export practice. 

Gordon Cessford

Gordon Cessford
Gordon Cessford is Regional Director for Atradius in North America, covering the US, Canada and Mexico. He is a hugely experienced international trade specialist with a successful history within trade credit insurance, financial services and banking. Gordon has worked in several markets and, prior to his current position, he was Atradius’ Commercial Director in Hong Kong, overseeing operations in the Asia Pacific region.

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Event #1 How Covid-19 changed global trade forever

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