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The introduction of IFRS9 in January 2018 is likely to change the way your business needs to provision for bad debts. Information requirements, calculation models, and bad debt reserves will need to be reviewed and adjusted.

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We can help simplify your route to compliance with IFRS9 bad debt provisioning requirements, through trade credit insurance, relevant information and collection services. Ultimately, we will help you reduce risk and improve performance.

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     Key benefits

  • Access the right information and data easily, using our business intelligence tools.
  • Simplify your bad debt provisioning processes – relevant data is at your fingertips, ready to work with your own models and systems.
  • Reduce bad debt provisioning requirements through Atradius insurance cover and Atradius Collections expertise.
  • Lower potential P&L volatility – with trade credit insurance, you are covered for unexpected buyer payment defaults.
  • Save time – our platforms can help you streamline your bad debt provisioning process.



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This is our first article in a series about IFRS9.

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IFRS9 fact sheet

Download our fact sheet, which covers the basics of IFRS9 and answers the following questions:

  • Who is affected?
  • Where is the challenge?
  • How can credit insurance and collection services help?

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