Special Products Team - Asia Pacific

Operating out of Singapore, Andrew Loh heads the Asia Pacific Special Products team.

One of our strong points is our team. Together we have a great amount of expertise in both banking and trade finance.

Andrew Loh - Regional Head of Special Products for Asia Pacific

Image of Andrew Loh






The majority of his team’s customers include banks and financial institutions and, depending on the jurisdiction, they benefit from the expertise of Andrew’s team either directly or via a locally based partner company.

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As Andrew explains, each Atradius Special Products office has a unique client base driven by the needs of each market.

Atradius Special Products Asia Pacific is based in Singapore and supports a vast geographical area with very different jurisdictions governing financial, insurance and trade laws. Some countries cannot support offshore policies and in those markets we work with locally licensed partners.

The majority of the business for Special Products Asia Pacific comes from banks. We support a range of different banks in the region and many of the solutions they require focus on single buyer support, rather than insurance cover for wider portfolios.

I was a banker for 20 years before I joined the insurance industry. This helps when we talk to our customers as we start from a point of comfortable mutual understanding. But it also helps with even the smallest details in policy wording because we get what it is our customers need and can proactively work with them to create the right solutions.

We have some very large clients that cannot find solutions elsewhere because of the size of cover, or a tricky geography. They are usually very pleased and satisfied when they realise that we can help them. It is gratifying to be able to offer such apt solutions, particularly in complex cases and the appreciation that we get from them when we have been able to solve their problem is enjoyable and fulfilling.

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