Gain insight into the surety bonding markets and products in articles co-written by Atradius Bonding experts

Atradius Bonding, in cooperation with Strategic Risk Europe, has published a few articles focusing on surety bonds. The articles provide helpful risk and industry insights to risk management professionals. 






Taking ESG to the heart of business

Insurers and surety providers have a unique role in enshrining core ESG principles and supporting their customers to build a more sustainable future for all stakeholders.

Find out more about how Atradius Bonding helps its customers mitigate risks related to ESG and work together on providing more social and eco-friendly environment.




Support Act: Why businesses need bonds post-lockdown

As lockdowns ease, business is picking back up and conditions are extremely competitive. Bonds help firms pitch successfully – safe in the knowledge that they have a trusted guarantor.

Find out more about the role of bonds in the wake of covid pandemic and how Atradius Bonding can support your business. 



Renewable  energy: Sailing close to the wind

Investment in renewable energy is booming. But renewable energy companies are just as exposed to financial risks as any other business. Financial loss and insolvency are the biggest risks and can be further compounded by three main factors: complexity of the project, performance of the suppliers, and robustness of investment models. But there is no reason to throw caution to the wind, Atradius Bonding can cover the financial risks related to the contractual obligations.



Environmental bonds: when polluters pay

If a site suffers an environmental accident, the operator is liable for clean-up-even if insolvent. Environmental bonds let risk managers breath, knowing their costs and their reputation, are covered.

Find out more about the benefits of environmental bonds and partnership with Atradius Bonding. 


Surety bonds: a watertight guarantee?

Given the complexity and cost involved in large-scale infrastructure projects, surety bonds promise a new level of protection for all parties involved. Pietro Lanzillotta, Atradius Bonding Director, provides more insights into the benefits. 



Next generation digitalisation

When it comes to digital transformation in this increasingly uncertain world, standing still is not an option.  Marc Henstridge, Atradius Chief Insurance Operations Officer, offers some sage advice based on the company’s own journey.