Innovation key for businesses to prosper in 2021

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Caution and innovation, an unlikely but important pairing as we enter the new year

As we start 2021 and businesses look to re-energize growth, we will likely not be able to do so with unabashed enthusiasm. While the new year holds hope of recovery, there remain many obstacles in our way.

In this World Finance article and video, Atradius Chief Market Officer, Andreas Tesch, talks about the importance of both caution and innovation in evolving to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

What this crisis has told us is that innovation and the ability to adapt to changing situations is key to success. And as a credit insurer, and an insurer of trade receivables, what we mean with caution is always making sure that ultimately you’re being paid by your customer.

Andreas Tesch Atradius Andreas Tesch
Chief Market Officer, Atradius


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