What is Credit Insurance

All about trade credit insurance: Find out about credit insurance, how it works and how it can benefit your business

Trade credit insurance protects your business from bad debts.

Trade credit insurance insures your accounts receivable and protects your business from unpaid invoices caused by customer bankruptcy, default, political risks, or other reasons agreed with your insurer. Trade credit insurance is also known as debtor insurance, export credit insurance and accounts receivable insurance.

Benefits of trade credit insurance

Protecting your accounts receivable from potential bankruptcy is only part of the benefits this type of debtor insurance can provide. In addition to protecting your business from the risk of insolvency, credit insurance from Atradius can help:

  • grow your customer base as potential buyers may be attracted to your credit terms
  • enhance trade providing you with the confidence to develop and expand your market
  • supports cashflow enabling you to build strong relationships with your suppliers and employees
  • safeguard customer relationships through improved communication and enhanced credit terms
  • improve your access to finance and your relationship with your bank
  • meet the risk management requirements of your stakeholders or board and provide peace of mind