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From crisis to opportunity what's the future of trade?

As the Covid-19 crisis sent the world into recession, a decade’s worth of unexpected – and at times unprecedented – changes to the trade landscape occurred within months. Amongst these are the long-term impact of the pandemic on the world’s supply chains, the continuous renegotiation of trade tariffs, the rebalancing of world trade relationships, and the growing trends towards trade digitalisation and de-globalisation.

And now, as the world strives to turn the page on the crisis, where do opportunities for business growth lie?

Join us at our series of four virtual interactive events designed to help your business understand the new international trade environment, navigate trade credit risks and identify business growth opportunities. Do not miss the chance to hear from our speakers, and the additional insight they will provide when answering questions from our audience.

Event #1
How Covid-19 changed global trade forever

The Covid-19 recession has profoundly affected the global trade environment, bringing about some long-term changes that some commentators believe are here to stay, reshaping global trade forever. In this new trade environment, what are the business growth opportunities?

Daisy McAndrew (former Economics Editor and Chief Political Correspondent for ITV News) will moderate discussions on this subject in our Virtual Event Series. The first event features:

  • Professor Ian Goldin - Professor of Globalisation and Development at the University of Oxford and the Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change
  • Emma Marcegaglia - Chair and CEO of Marcegaglia Holding S.p.A. (Italy)

  • Johan Melander - Credit Director Electrolux APAC & MEA 

  • Edwin Kuhlman - Atradius Head of Global Commercial Underwriting Team and Head of Underwriting for the Netherlands

Click the link below to watch the recording of the live event.

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Meet our panel members

Atradius Chief Market Officer, Andreas Tesch, hosted our first virtual event. In addition to introducing you to the event and welcoming our speakers, Andreas shared his insights into the key issues discussed.

All our virtual events will be moderated by Daisy McAndrew, English journalist and former Economic Editor and Chief Political Correspondent for ITV News. Now a freelance presenter and media trainer, Daisy’s intel into the current world of finance and economics makes her a popular and knowledgeable corporate host.

Emma Marcegaglia

Emma Marcegaglia
Emma Marcegaglia is the Chair and CEO of Marcegaglia Holding S.p.A. She has been a leading voice in European business for many years, actively supporting young entrepreneurs in Italy and beyond. Emma has held several leading advisory positions within the European Commission, is Chair of the Italian think tank, FEEM, and is Chair and Board member of the Bracco Group and Gabetti Property Solutions.

Ian Goldin

Ian Goldin
Professor Ian Goldin, founding Director of the Oxford Martin School, is currently Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development and Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin School. He has served as a development adviser to Nelson Mandela and, as the VP of the World Bank, led collaborations with the UN on global development strategy.



Johan Melander

Johan Melander
Johan Melander is the APAC & MEA Credit Director for Electrolux. He manages locally-based teams across a wide geographic spread for the company. Johan has many years experience in managing credit risks and is well-placed to share expert insight into the impacts of Covid-19 on international trade, in both developed and emerging economies.

Edwin Kuhlman

Edwin Kuhlman
Edwin Kuhlman is Head of the Global Commercial Underwriting Team and manages a team of experienced risk underwriters worldwide. In addition to his role supporting Atradius Global department, he is Head of Atradius Underwriting in Netherlands, where he oversees the credit risk portfolios of domestic businesses.

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Our next virtual events?

Event # 2: How trade relationships and tariffs are affecting trade worldwide  -  25 March 2021  -  4 PM CET

Event # 3: The impact of digitalisation on the credit world  -  5 May  2021 - 9 AM CET

Event # 4: De-globalisation – a new way to trade but will it stick?  -  23 June 2021  -  11 AM CET


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