The impact of digitalisation on trade

The pandemic has led to an explosion in the adoption of digital tools throughout the world, bringing with them a host of new opportunities for businesses.

In the third event of our four-part series, ‘From crisis to opportunity: what’s the future of trade?’ we gathered a panel of experts to debate how businesses may harness the power of digitalisation, while minimising any associated risks.

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Digitalisation changed completely the way people trust (and trade)” – Jean-Marc Noël.

Jean-Marc Noel

Introduced by Andreas Tesch, Atradius CMO, and moderated by journalist, Daisy McAndrew, the panel consisted of: 

  • David Rowan – Founding editor of WIRED’s UK edition and early-stage investor in technology start-ups
  • Jean-Marc Noël – Founder and Managing Director of Trusted Shops
  • Frédéric Wittemans – Executive Director International Credit at Ingram Micro
  • Dirk Hagener – Atradius Director of Strategy and Corporate Development

The panel discussed some of the major trends in digitalisation including ecommerce, Everything as a Service and the potential that the Internet of Things presents for supply chain management. They also noted how digital tools are not a replacement for humans and that the expertise of people and interpersonal business relationships are still key.

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